With a team dedicated to our advanced mailing department, we can offer our services to projects as large as a global direct mail campaign or as small as working with the USPS to process your Priority Mail shipments.  Our close work with the USPS and our integration of both automated mailing and package services allows our clients the best possible discounts across the entire spectrum of USPS offerings.


For direct mail campaigns, we strive for the lowest postage rates with the best delivery times to meet your-in home targets.  We provide drop shipment plans coast to coast for SCF and BMC entry, saving both postage and delivery time for standard mail. We house an on-site mailing acceptance office, further streamlining the mailing process and also allowing us daily interaction with the USPS which is critical with the ever-changing postal regulations.

Direct Mail Still works and has proven to yield the highest Return on Investment:

Response rates are:

• 21 x higher than newspaper
• 19 x higher than radio
• 47 x higher than television

PROOF POSITIVE: See our results in action in this DIRECT MAIL CASE STUDY

• More than 50,000,000 pieces mailed in 2013
• Central location for cost effective mailing to all domestic and global locations
• Postal Optimization including Copal, Comingle, Direct Drop Shipment Planning & Presorting
• CASS & NCOA Certification
• Tracking your mailings
• Personalized Variable Data Mailers and Data Merging for large lists
• Full Service Intelligent Mail
• Ink-jetting & Auto-inserting