With more than 30,000 square feet of dedicated space and racks up to 40 feet high, Nies serves hundreds of clients through a multitude of fulfillment needs. Our services include storing and tracking inventory, order and kitting assembly, packaging, mailing and distribution of materials. Many corporations, both large and small, utilize our fulfillment services to help manage their print inventory as well as provide them with “just-in-time” delivery of custom materials. All fulfillment orders are processed through our automated systems to minimize turn times and cost.  Our clients are also able to access an online, customer-facing side of this technology in order to place orders, track inventory and run customized reports 24/7. In addition, we utilize a warehouse management system to effectively route, process, ship and track all orders with access to the system for on-demand reporting and inquiries. These reports will allow you to not only track your inventory levels and set automatic re-order points, but also allow for you to track all user and order activity – analytics that go a long way in justifying a program and showing ROI.

Here’s a taste of the many advantages you’ll gain by allowing Nies to handle your kitting and fulfillment needs.


  • Robust analytical reports shown in real time
  • Automated order management system saves you time and money
  • Central location to ship quickly to all parts of the country and world
  • Kits customized to your needs priced and fulfilled on demand
  • Space to handle high capacity fulfillment needs
  • Maximize your fulfillment efficiency / Minimize waste
  • Scalable staffing solutions to meet your daily needs
  • Climate-controlled environment

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