Flex·og·ra·phy: Commonly referred to as “flexo” or label printing, this is a time-tested printing process that uses flexible rubber-like plates and fast drying inks to print on a wide variety of specialty substrates – most commonly for label printing.

The Nies Flexography department is unique to the area. Our flexo presses allow us to print on a wide range of paper and film-based substrates to fit any application environment. At our facility, we currently have four conventional flexographic presses to fit substrates ranging from 3 to 16 inches wide and up to 24 inches long. We’ve worked with many markets including  food and beverage, health and beauty, chemical, and retail. No matter what your labeling needs may be, our experienced staff will work with you to create the perfect label for any specific application.

A good rewind department is crucial to any label printing operation. As all flexographic print is produced on rolls, the rewind department’s job is to supply those rolls in the size and orientation required by the customer.  Keeping you in mind, our rewind department allows us to rewind the printed rolls to the unwind direction of your choice for easy machine or hand application. We can also cut and number products using one of our three rewind machines and our video numbering ink jet applicator. So rest assured that the finished product will be received exactly as needed.

Digital Flexo: In addition to conventional flexographic print, our flexo department has the capability to take digitally printed materials and convert them on a flexo press to apply finishing options including die- cutting, coating, and laminating on rolls. Through digital conversion on our HP6000 digital web press, we are able to accommodate items such as labels and stickers that require variable data, smaller quantities, or various textured stocks that would otherwise be impossible or cost prohibitive to produce on a traditional flexographic press.

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